Framing Faith

As a Catholic and mother of an artist student with a speciality in photography, I looked forward to reading “Framing Faith” a book by author Sarah Piccini and photographer Ivana Pavelka. I was not disappointed. It tells the story of ten churches and the migrants and their communities that fame the history of the churches in. It is an absorbing and well written book which will not be out of place on any bookshelf for personal reading and reference or even your Catholic Book Club! There is such a rich history and architecture that you cannot help to become involved in the personal histories attached to the churches and an opportunity to look at the architecture in a fresh light. The book is also interspersed with quotes from scripture and makes an enjoyable read.
Framing Faith Synopsis:
Framing Faith tells the story of the faith of immigrants and their descendants, spotlighting ten Catholic churches in the Diocese of Scranton that were closed due to restructuring. . They are Polish, Slovak, Italian, German, and Lithuanian parishes with long traditions and deep roots. Each church was founded by immigrant groups who came to the coal fields of the Lackawanna Valley with little more than their faith in God. Their churches served as the center of the community and touchstones of the Old Country. Framing Faith traces their histories from small beginnings through baptisms, weddings and funerals to their final celebrations. Throughout the text are images from each church, visual reminders of what was for many an important part of their lives.
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