Rob Bell's version of Hell

I think Rob Bell's new book "Love Wins: A Book About Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Has Ever Lived" is typical of what happens when Protestant religions break away from the Catholic Faith because they all interpret the scriptures themselves and all have their own version of what 'Truth' is. Rob Bell, a respected Preacher in his own field, is preaching a type of Universalism where everybody gets to go to heaven and there is no suffering away from God, no demons, no devil. This is a 'false' gospel and follows on very much from the preaching of the 'health, wealth and prosperity' gospel that is common in America especially but also in some churches here. If you are not rooted in the truth of the Catholic faith then you are open to all sorts of interpretations of the Bible and to some fairy tale ending where everyone 'lives happily ever after'. Don't be fooled - there is an eternity - an eternity with heaven or with hell. Even the Buddhists - peace loving people - have hell in their philosophy of life and death. A lot of these ideas in the Protestant churches have arisen out of New Age and New Thought (the power of the mind) movements as well as positive thinking movements in the church. Even within these groups they disagree between themselves on theological issues and their understanding of the Bible, whether they should start even more new churches or leave the organised Church all together - the divisions and splits are endless. Whereas Jesus created 'one' Church and even the Bible says that there should not be divisions amongst themselves. It should always have stayed 'one' church. It is man's own desires and lack of obedience and pride and willfulness or ego that haa separated himself from the one True Church - everyman going his 'own' way.


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