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Medley Minute with Fr Sam: Catholicism Launching in the UK, Wednesday April 1...

Medley Minute with Fr Sam: Catholicism Launching in the UK, Wednesday April 1...: Catholicism  – An adult’s study formation programme in the Catholic Faith.  Wednesday evenings starting  18 April 2012  at St Patrick’s C...

I Am

I am pro life because ...
I feel – all your emotions, your fears, your passions, your love, your anger, your worry, your sadness, your desires. I feel - dancing rhythms and swaying to the music, warm and cosseted blankets as soft as gossamer, secure, cared for, cherished, wanted. I feel my toes, my thumb, my head, my legs. I feel you.
I hear - the sounds of traffic in the road, birdsong in the trees, music from a band playing on the corner, an aeroplane taking off, the news-seller down the street, my mother and father talking then singing, then talking, a bath running at bedtime, the alarm clock to wake you up from your slumber, a pram being pushed, the market traders, distant bells pealing from a church spire, laughter, children in the park, the television and the radio, the doctors and nurses at the hospital, nursery rhymes as you talk and sing to me.
I know a God that surrounds me with his love and care and places an angel beside me to protect me. I know of a place transcending…


This empty shell
Was just the vessel
For a vibrant life
Well lived
It does not house the soul
Which heavenward bade
And like the balloons
We let fly
Burst into upper echalons
Of yonder vision
Which one day we may also
Pass through
And see the pastures green and new
And there the weary breast is comforted
Until it too must leave God’s wings
Like all God’s creation
Must grow, move on
And start again

In Bluebell Woods

In bluebell woods
Not far from here
A spirit plays
Like childhood years
And frolics through the hazel trees
With gypsy friends and travellers past
We cannot see her, yet with one glance
We might perceive a tent of twigs
Or a fairy ring of toadstools there
To show that she had been this way
And played like once
When her heart was bright
Enjoy the woods, smell the air
Breathe in the spring
And may your spirit ever sing
Of childhood dreams and daisy chains
And golden rod along the lane
Of butterflies on the wing
And memories of your garden swing
I know not when we’ll meet again
But I hope it will be in a woodland glade
In the springtime before the bluebells fade

Where have all the mothers gone?

It struck me at a family party this week that we have lost a whole generation of mothers and grandmothers significantly represented, especially in the media, by women who refuse to dress their ‘age’. Women these days are so busy being their children’s best friends and dressing twenty years younger that girls and young women no longer have a role model for what a mother should be. Where have all the women gone who dispensed cakes and wisdom with equal measure and put the world to rights over a cup of tea? It seems a sad loss to me that this generation of girls will grow up with maybe no blueprint as to how they should ‘mother’ their own children. They have few boundaries, little moral guidelines and their parents allow them to drink under age as they seek to be their friends and co-conspirators rather than putting in boundaries of acceptable and unacceptable behaviour and dress codes. In the old days the mother would have been easily recognised by her clothes, hairstyle, cardigan …

Would you?

Would you die for Jesus
It is easy to die for a cause. Easier to die for a cause than a man. We can understand when a man or woman is fighting for a cause, an injustice, righting a wrong. We can sympathise with their ideals, their anguish, their mistreatment. But to die for a man, a fellow human being? That requires more thought – is it someone we know, will it prevent further deaths, are we righting a wrong (a cause again). Would we die for someone we don’t know and for an unknown reason? Probably not – self preservation is all. But the first Christians, the Martyrs, the Saints – they died not for a cause but for a man, Jesus. They were willing to die because they knew Jesus, mind, body and soul. They believed in Jesus because He had first believed in them. He died for them on a cross and rose again after 3 days. He died for us because He first loved us. His love consumes us. He is jealous for us. As a lover is jealous for his/her intended. We are the Bride of Chris…


People and events can so easily destroy our peace in today’s world.
We don't need to 'find' something that we haven't lost - don't let other people destroy your peace telling you how you should live your faith or what new doctrine you should be following. Stick closely to the Catholic Church, Jesus and the Sacraments so that you may not be easily swayed by every new doctrine.
The Bible says: “People will say to you, 'Look! There he is!' or 'Look! Here he is!' But don't go and chase after him.” Luke 17:23 NIV
Luke 17:21 says: “nor will people say, 'Here it is,' or 'There it is,' because the kingdom of God is within you."
He replied: "Watch out that you are not deceived. For many will come in my name, claiming, 'I am he,' and, 'The time is near.' Do not follow them. Luke 21:8
At that time if anyone says to you, 'Look, here is the Christ!' or, 'Look, there he is!' do not believe it.’…

Blessed Be Your Name (worship video w/ lyrics)


The Most Blessed Sacrament


What is Holy Saturday?


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