I Am

I am pro life because ...
I feel – all your emotions, your fears, your passions, your love, your anger, your worry, your sadness, your desires. I feel - dancing rhythms and swaying to the music, warm and cosseted blankets as soft as gossamer, secure, cared for, cherished, wanted. I feel my toes, my thumb, my head, my legs. I feel you.
I hear - the sounds of traffic in the road, birdsong in the trees, music from a band playing on the corner, an aeroplane taking off, the news-seller down the street, my mother and father talking then singing, then talking, a bath running at bedtime, the alarm clock to wake you up from your slumber, a pram being pushed, the market traders, distant bells pealing from a church spire, laughter, children in the park, the television and the radio, the doctors and nurses at the hospital, nursery rhymes as you talk and sing to me.
I know a God that surrounds me with his love and care and places an angel beside me to protect me. I know of a place transcending time and space from where I chose to come and live and have my being and to experience relationships with all the positives and problems this life entails, the merry go round and helter skelter of living on earth.
I know of a beautiful planet of blues and greens and warm earth and yellow sun, of moon and stars and rainbows, of rivers and mountains, of snow and desert, of forest and valleys, of countryside and coast, of flowers and trees. I know of somewhere that is so full of life, monkeys and birds, buffalo and sheep, frogs and snakes, rabbits and foxes, fish in the sea and rivers, bees and dragonflies on the wing. A place so miraculous that you have to live to see it. A place full of excitement and possibilities, only limited by man’s own limitations. I know a place where people have the capacity for great love and affection, to accomplish great deeds and bring great peace and charity to the world and to love a great God. A place of innocent babies, children who bring laughter and joy, teenagers who give life and light up a room, elderly people who bring wisdom.
I see colours and shades of light and dark and a veiled whole bright new world hidden from me but soon to be revealed, full of anticipation. I am pro life.
... your baby in the womb


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