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Today we celebrate the third person of God, The Holy Spirit who comes as a comforter and wisdom.  We are called to welcome the Holy Spirit into our lives for guidance and to help us for ourselves and our family and friends.  If we welcome the Holy Spirit He will come and give us gifts both of the service kind, like teaching, and the human emotion kind, like love and patience.  If we thirst after Jesus like the deer pants for the water then he will refresh us and put a hunger within us for His Word and His Praise.  The hunger and thirst we have for God within us is the gift that God gives us.  If you are mature in years take comfort from these words by the Preacher TD Jakes:Like Naomi the Lord has saved the best for last in your life. You must endure and not give in. God has more in store for you than you know. Life must go full circle. God's plan must be worked out in God's time. Older women you are the jewels in the crown of heaven. You offer gifts that no one else can. Keep …

As the deer pants for the water - Robin Mark