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Train Journey

Through square windows the scenery flashes Train lumbering through the countryside Past fields of frost bitten grass And plows set aside for the winter Canal banks and rivers wide Railway sidings And factories Clouds like sheep in their pasture Layers of colours on the landscape Walls made of stone and mortar Forest edges and foxes scared Rabbits in the burrows there Cows waiting by the gate For milking time to come around
Past a castle, past a farm Little boxes where people live Train persists up the hill Soon at the destination The journey part of the recollection

Ode to a Prince

Sought he the King’s daughter and paid a fee Of his true love he was sure she was worth She was beautiful and of noble birth Prince would he not take any liberty He waited patiently till she was free Her pureness he would not violate he Needed her desperately as a mate Prince came he sailing from across the sea As his light of youth began to fade from The life he led had set in decay with Out a wife he would need to pay the bride Price and seven years to the day he came Her beauty left him in the shade but yet He took his bride away and kept his pride.


Wherever a Monastery is I find there my earthly Paradise Our Father and the Hail Mary Good fellowship and Angel’s Glory Red wine and blessed Bread Becomes our precious Jesus Christ Priests bestow on us their Blessing Our Souls cleansed by our admission Retreats give us time to think Nuns to comfort poor and sick Life’s twists and turns seem strange But faith in God remains the same When built within a sure foundation Mortals too can reign with Creation

Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah


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