Breakfast Christianity

Flicking through the God Channels on Sky TV I am aware that Christianity has become one big Commercial.  I doubt very much this is the Christianity of St Francis or St Padre Pio.  It is like breakfast Christianity - fills you for a few hours but not sustaining.  Most of the Channels are either asking for money or selling their products.  I am sure it is not Biblical to sell a gift that God has given you freely to support some multi million pound consumerist company.  In fact there are some strong Biblical warnings in the Bible about selling what belongs to God.  God has freely given - we should freely give too.  Not that we should stop writing and selling books for edification or making films.  But some of the 'God' channels - there sole (soul) purpose seems to be selling their products.  Also some of them have been selling these products for years.  In different forms.  These products are not what you need to fulfill a Christian life but prayer, the Sacraments of the Church and develop a personal practice of holiness and humility.  Feed on the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist.  


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