Topsy Turvy

Topsy Turvy

I am all back to front today
And my afternoon has become my morning
Then evening will have shortened my day
If only the alarm clock would wake me earlier
The Shipping Forecast and the Bells
Sandwiched between Coffee and Toast
Somalia is vomiting its citizens out
And Syria is blowing away with the sand dunes
The Arabs are hiding their true colours under their Keffiyeh
The red and the white match my kitchen tablecloth
And Radio Four does a drama once more
As dishes and ironing come by the score
Soon I will be left with the world wide web
And reduced to a single SIM card
And cocoa and aspirins before I end up in bed
But when did the world start to turn on its head
And Arabs become red and white instead of England
And how did the church at the end of the street
Become a place where Muslim groups meet
Though to be honest I much prefer to wear a scarf on my head
It keeps me warm in the cold
And reminds me of my mother
Who covered her locks in the 1950s
She would have been happy to wear her scarf out
And not look out of place or turn any heads
She might even have worn a white and a red
Like the Keffiyeh on the Arab man’s head.

Jane Frances


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